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Gwen Timbas

Gwen Timbas

Appraisal Manager & Review Appraiser

About Gwen Timbas

Gwen started her career in the industry in 1983 as a real estate agent and transitioned over to an appraiser in 1986. In 1998 she established her own company, conducting residential appraisals in NH for many banks, mortgage companies and attorneys. She is considered an expert witness in court testimony in 3 NH counties. Gwen also was appointed as an investigator for the State of NH Real Estate Appraisal Board. In 2013, Gwen joined HOME to head their new appraisal management division. There, Gwen’s is responsible for compliant ordering of appraisals, appraiser compliance, disputes and working hand in hand with underwriting with appraisal reviews and issues.

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